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I taught the young man in this photo to say Jesus Loves Me. Eventually I gave him the shirt I was wearing in this photo. If you would like to see a larger picture, double click the photo.

If you’re looking for love, then perhaps you should meet Jesus Christ.  He’s the greatest person I’ve ever met and He’s the one who taught me everything I know about love.  Some people think that Jesus is just an imaginary friend, but I can assure you that there is nothing imaginary about Him. I would rather spend the rest of my life being judged for having an imaginary friend than to die having denied my destiny  to preach and teach others about the love of Jesus Christ.

In my last article I shared how I came to know the truth about Jesus.  Today, I would like to share a more recent experience I had in India through Hope Of Glory Ministries.  The trip was much like stepping back into the first century, walking with the Apostle Thomas across India, and being the first to share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  When we arrived at one of the villages we went down to the river to do baptisms.  One of the villagers was so excited to learn about Jesus he grabbed my hand and wouldn’t let go.  The interpreter told me the villager had a mental disability, so he couldn’t understand what the young man was saying to me. 

Many people came down to the river from the village to watch the baptisms. If you would like to see a larger picture, double click the photo.

One thing I learned was that all I had to say was Jesus Loves You and smile.  A smile is universal and can be understood anywhere in the world, especially if you have the love of Jesus inside of you.  As we  looked into each other’s eyes he could see the love of Jesus inside me and I could tell that he wanted to have what I had.  Some people aren’t interested in knowing Jesus, but he certainly was.  Through the grace of God I was able to teach him how to say Jesus Loves Me and then he jumped into the river wanting to be baptized along with the others.  I trust that when he came out of the river he came out a new man, just like I did when I was baptized.

The young man was so excited about knowing Jesus that he wanted to be baptized. If you would like to see a larger picture, double click the photo.

When he came out of the river I was so overwhelmed by the young man’s excitement that I gave him my favorite shirt which I happened to be wearing at that time.  The other villagers became curious and wanted to know why I would give him my shirt and so I told them it was because Jesus loved him just as much as he loved the rest of us and I wanted to let him know that.  As I walked back to the car I looked at the villagers and said may the Glory of the Lord rise among us!